Web applications are effectively the bigger cousins of websites.

The web applications are developed to automate a particular business process and are mainly operated by registered users. Designing and developing web applications require greater level of analysis and planning. A web application is usually backed by robust database which stores the important information to be processed by rich set of scripts.

At A1, our project managers analyse the application requirements and prepare a detailed specification document, which is mutually agreed by customer and project managers. The actual process of application development like application architecture, test case preparation and development is carried out after the specification is ready.

Our custom MVC application development framework is used to develop the applications. It is backed by Zend libraries and custom developed scripts. Having worked on many successful web applications, we know how to architect large scale/high performance applications and maintain them for long term.

Web Application Development Examples

  • Custom Application Development

  • Accounting and Finance Related Web Applications

  • CRM Web Applications

  • Payroll Web Applications

  • Online Food Order Management Web Applications

  • Data Mining Web Application

  • E-commerce Applications

  • Mobile to Web Customer Feedback Applications

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