Our malware removal service aims to clean your website and get it working normal as soon as possible so that your business is disrupted.

We tab on latest malware and their behaviour, so we know which files are infected by what kind of malware. So we check those important areas first and help you get your website back to normal ASAP. However, we scan all of the pages for malicious content and remove it.

For most of the malware, we know their common source, so we help you fix the gaps in your site by advising you on that aspect.

Website Security Services includes:


We do comprehensive backup when site is launched and after every new development on web pages and/or structure. We keep the backup copies in the cloud in secured centralised storage.


Content Management Systems and e-commerce sites use database(s) to function and all changes and transaction information is stored in database. It is vital to secure database to protect your business and it’s website. We schedule database backup to suit your needs whether it is done hourly or less frequently. We keep the backup copies in the cloud in secured centralised storage.

All backup copies can also be stored by client if they so wish.


Malware is malicious software which disrupts the normal function of your website or web application. Google starts giving you warning once your site is suspected to have malware which prevents your potential customers from visiting your website. The malware can even infect the computer systems of your website visitors.


We have seen that sometimes websites are infected so much that they can’t be repaired. If your website falls in this category, we shall give you advice and return your full amount paid for this removal service.

Note: Proper and full backup will restore badly damaged website quickly.

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